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Chapter 30: Part One

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Chapter 30: Part One: Presents and Surprises

Ivy quirked her brows. Snape had brought George a gift, this was amusing. She watched in amusement as Snape removed a large box, wrapped in black paper and green ribbon from the table. He then placed it on the floor; George wasted no time in shredding the ribbon and singing the box open. Inside were several dozen ice mice, pepper imps, licorice wands, and mokes, plus a large peppermint cupcake...George happily began making an abhorrent mess on the floor.

Osanna appeared again, carrying a large gift bag in black, the handles tied shut with multitudes of silver ribbon, this she placed on the table as well, stepping on an ice mouse, causing it to squeak. She looked down and chuckled. "I see George got a present as well!"

Snape shrugged. "He really isnít that bad, a pest nonetheless, but he could be worse." Osanna smirked and glanced at the two presents lying on the table.

"Which of these are for me?"

Snape smirked and picked up one of the presents. "This one actually, but before we begin the.... merriment, I have something to tell you Ladies."

Osanna glanced at Ivy, a puzzled look on her face.

"Oh?" quipped Ivy as she made her way to sit at the table.

Snape nodded. "While you were gone, someone, well probably several someoneís broke into your house. I know because upon arriving here, I found a piece of a Gryffindor scarf, and an invisibility cloak in George's mouth..."

Hearing his own name George looked up and opened his mouth as if to make a affirmative noise, instead, thanks to the pepper imps, a torch of green flame shot out, nearly singing Snape's robes, he ignored it.

"This evidence, leads me to believe it was Potter and his friends, most likely Weasley and perhaps Granger, nothing seemed interrupted or stolen however."

Osanna' face darkened and Ivy hissed, sounding rather like a snake which made Snape jump a bit. "I would have reported it, but I decided it would be up to you two if you wished to, I tried to send a owl to inform you of this, but you must have already left London."

Osanna nodded and took a deep breath, trying to calm herself, it was Christmas, and no one would ruin it, not even Potter.

"Thank you Severus, Ivy and I will decide what to do later, for now, here..."

Osanna handed Snape the large gift bag. He quirked his brows, as if utterly surprised she had gotten him a thing and he placed it on the table, carefully untying the ribbons. He then opened the bag and along with the black tissue paper pulled out the Dragon's Blood tree. His eyes grew wide as he placed the impressive though still young tree on the table. He was truly impressed and pleased, and it was rather obvious from the more than appreciative smirk on his face.

"Why Osanna wherever did you find.... never mind, what a amazing gift!"

Osanna positively glowed, she grinned at Ivy who discreetly gave her the thumbs up.

Snape was looking the tree over, obviously terribly happy, he then remembered he hadnít given Osanna her gift.

"How rude of me, here..." He thrust Osanna's gift at her, as if terribly nervous over what she would think of it. She flashed him a grateful smile and opened the bag, she lifted up he paper and parted it, instantly a bright shimmer of ruby-red light fell across the table. Osanna's eyes grew wide and she held the round orb carefully in one hand, it glowed with a beautiful hue, and was incredibly warm to the touch.

She turned to Severus. "What does it do exactly? It's so beautiful!"

Snape smiled. "It is a dragon caller's orb, it allows you to see the location of any dragon on earth, and focus in on it, it is said that if one truly attuned to Dragons utilizes it, they can see Dragons that are in hiding, or are in other dimensions, including the grandest of all, the untamable Chaos dragons!"

Osanna's eyes grew even wider and she turned the orb around in one hand, concentrating on George, she peered into the orb, sure enough he appeared just as he was before them, beneath the table, hoarding all his treats beneath him, like larger dragons did with gold and jewels.

Osanna grinned and turned to see Ivy handing a present to Snape, she quirked her brows, not even aware that Ivy had bought him one.

"It isn't much." Ivy stated. "I just thought you may like it." she then shrugged and sat back down in her chair.

Snape opened the small, slender package to reveal a satin box, he opened that, inside laid a quill, a pristine, spotlessly white feather gracing the pen.

"It's a feather quill from a albino raven, it makes all ink invisible accept to the person it was intended for, and also casts a special unbreakable seal on all letters written so they may only be opened by those intended for...they had just one, kind of rare."

Snape smiled and touched the quill. "Thank you Ivy, I have something for you as well."

He closed the case, placed it in his pocket, and then handed Ivy a package as he brushed his black hair from his eyes. "I do hope you like them."

"If I donít I'll tell you" Ivy quipped as she opened the package. Inside was a leather case, not unlike the one Snape's gift had been in, only much larger. She unfastened the golden hinge and opened it. Inside laid two silver daggers, the hilts fashioned into intricate curves, there were emerald insets on either side, and the blade was silver, except the very tips were ivory white, as if made of bone.

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