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This page is for us to thank all the people who have inspired us while writing this story. While we attempt to not use quotes directly from their works, they have inspired situations and characters and we feel they deserve credit.

Terry Pratchet: His ideas concerning dragons were the direct inspiration for George and we see a bit of Magrat Garlick, Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax in both Ivy and Osanna.

J.R.R.Tolkien: Whithout whom the authors would never have met and therefore there would be no fic.

Neil Gaiman: Where the dark and bad sense of humour comes from. He also insipred us to write what we want and not to worry what everyone else thinks of it.

J.K.Rowling: Whithout whom there would be no Hary Potter and therefore no fic for us to write.

The cast of the HP movies: Their portrayal of their characters helped to bring the books to life and made it easy for us to envision our fic in the same way.

Cassie Claire: Because so long as we are not compared to her we know we are writing well. If ANYONE ever feels we are writing any of our characters how Cassie would, you have our permission to thwap some sense into us and we will post a public apology to our cult.

To the above mentioned people we thank you with all our hearts

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