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Chapter 30: Part Two

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Chapter 30: Part Two

Ivy's brows quirked and she made as if to touch the tips with her finger, Snape however quickly pulled her hand back in one, fluid motion.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, those are basilisk fang daggers, coated in silver, the tips however are still quite poisonous!"

Ivy grinned. "Thank you, they are...lovely...."

Osanna couldn�t help but chuckle, oh yes, give Ivy poisonous daggers...very wise idea. It did seem to cheer her up however, and she was glad for that.

"Well, Merry Christmas Ladies, I'll be leaving..."

Ivy suddenly hopped up, as if she had quite forgotten something. "Ooops, be right back!"

She winked at Osanna and took off up the stairs before Osanna or Snape could reply.

"How odd." Osanna stated, her brows quirked. Snape chuckled.

"Odd, this is Ivy, one would think you would be quite accustomed to the oddness as it were."

Osanna merely smirked and nodded. "Merry Christmas Severus.... thank you for my gift, I don�t know what to say...."

He shook his head. "No need to say anything, except that it made you happy, that you like it."

Osanna could only nod, being rather transfixed by him staring at her.

"Good." he said as he picked up his tree, as he brushed past her he leaned forward, close enough for Osanna to feel his breath upon her cheek, her heart began racing, positively pounding in her chest. He closed his eyes and placed a kiss, soft and fleeting, yet full of restrained passion on her lips, it lasted only a moment, and as Osanna opened her eyes he was already out the door and it was shutting behind him.

She struggled to catch her breath, her lips quivered, she could still taste his there. A shiver ran down her spine in the most delightful manner as she replayed the brief interlude in her head. It was then that Ivy appeared, bounding down the stairs, a bag in her hands.

Osanna turned to her and smiled, at least she seemed to be feeling much better.

"Ok, got your gift!"

Osanna giggled and plopped down on the couch Indian style, a genuine grin on her face. "Let me have it!"

Ivy smirked and thrust the bag at her. "Fine, fine...here then!"

Osanna tore into the bag, which contained a large box, she opened that to find a smaller box, and another box inside of that, and so on and so forth for about 9 boxes, each getting smaller and smaller. She finally reached the last box, the size of a small jewelry box and lined in green satin. She popped it open and inside lay the most beautiful ring she had ever seen, the band was silver, upon it was a rose, but not a silver rose, bright red, the color of blood, and it looked as if it were alive and breathing. She gaped at it in wonderment, the petals both soft and warm to the touch. She had never seen anything like it.

"Ivy where did you...."

She shrugged. "Well, it was just a ordinary ring, till I fiddled with it a bit, you see, I brought the rose to life with nine drops of my own blood...read the inside of the band."

Osanna turned the ring over and read the inside of it, there in cursive letters was the following inscription. "To my beloved, always and forever sisters. Ivy and Osanna. My blood is thine own."

Osanna gaped at the ring again, not entirely sure what to say.

Instead of speaking she put her hand in her pocket and pulled out a small box.

�Kind of a coincidence� She said handing the box to Ivy who opened it. Inside was another ring also made of silver but in the form of a snake, the head uppermost. Ivy chuckled and put it on. �It feels alive�.

�Well like you I added a bit of my own work to it. I added my blood and some from a basilisk. Try getting angry.� Puzzled Ivy concentrated as hard as she could on Narcissa, the fury built into a rage and the snakes� head snapped open revealing sharp fangs. �They�re poisoned. The ring is triggered by anger, I thought it might come in handy as an extra weapon.�

�Oh yes it defiantly will, �Laughed Ivy and the gasped in horror as she saw her cane in the fire. Snatching it up she brushed off the soot to reveal that the flames had not harmed it. Laughing she smiled, �It�ll take more than a simple fire to damage this.� She wobbled and Osanna jumped up and sat her down on the couch. �Take it easy Ivy please,� She begged, �You took a hell of a beating today.� Ivy nodded and sighed; leaning back into the cushions she closed her eyes and drifted into a dead sleep.

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